ArraMon / ऐरेमौन
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ArraMon: A Joint Navigation-Assembly Instruction Interpretation Task in Dynamic Environments
What is ArraMon / ऐरेमौन?
ArraMon (PokeMon + Arrangement) is a new task/dataset for learning navigation+assembling guided by natural language instructions. The agents in the ArraMon task should develop integrated abilities to map directional phrases in the instruction to actions in large realistic outdoor environments and grid-layout environments (both 3D egocentric), as well as understand object referring and spatial/depth expressions to perform the task successfully.

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Paper / Code / Dataset
Please see our EMNLP Findings Paper.


Please see our Github page for the code/dataset and how to get started.


We have also added Hindi instructions (val seen and unseen splits released, training+test splits coming soon).
If you use ArraMon please cite our paper with this BibTeX entry.

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  author={Hyounghun Kim and Abhaysinh Zala and Graham Burri and Hao Tan and Mohit Bansal},
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Score List
Please contact for the test-unseen split.
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June 1st, 2020
Baseline Model
UNC Chapel Hill
(Kim, Zala, et al. 2020)
Github 0.114 0.000 0.082 0.122 0.168 0.047 0.035